Monday, 1 November 2010

Io Sono L'Amore

The clocks have gone back, nights are drawing in, X-factors in full swing and winter laziness has most defiantly set in. The least I can do to break this routine is to get out on a Sunday night to our little film society. And gosh have they been popping out some real delights. Last week we had Gainsborough’s biopic. Exposing the coming about of the iconic je taime, his illustrious (but very fated) love affairs and quirkily illustrated fantasies. 

After disappointedly been told I was in for an Italian porn romp……I was not prepared for this weeks absolute gem…… 

Oi Seno L’Amore 11 years in the making is beautiful, detailed, cinematography from beginning to end. Tilda Swinton trapped in Milanese high society is swept away by passion and sensuality of food. Heavy, though funny, melodrama is heightened by chandlers, sliding doors and lingering shadows. Though the plot is obvious, the woven photography and music back drop is tantalizing….. 

A classic and a must see…… 

Do enjoy 

Miss alice x 

After much nagging and persuasion.…

    Hello world and welcome to me, Miss Alice.
I would like to share with you my doodles… drawing on fashion and the people around me….
 Other  ponderings into art, photography and the inspirational work of some amazingly creative peps out there.
So come what may and here we go….
I hope you enjoy….
Miss Alice 

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